Heroes of the Galaxy, Vol II

Heroes of the Galaxy, Vol II

Heroes of the Galaxy, Vol II
per person

Visit the SPARC Lab "Open House" to see the latest Super Hero technology.  What could go wrong? 

Our lab droid, D626, welcomes you to SPARC. This is a challenging yet family-friendly escape experience. Children ages 7 to 12 really enjoy this experience, but will need some adult guidance to coordinate puzzle solutions. Younger children may not be able to solve puzzles, but still enjoy exploring the lab. Puzzles are very “hands-on” and consist of locks, control panels, and physical objects. 

Success rate: 80-85%

  •  Non-linear game
  • Well lit
  • Good for large groups


  • Individual: $28.00
  • Private game, no strangers, but you may add to your group size if your needs change.
  • 10% discount for 8 or more players

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