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We did the Galactic Empire & loved it! Lots of puzzles, lots of locks. It was one of the harder escape rooms we've done. The staff was super helpful and ...Read more

Jan 26, 2023
Karyn Lowther

Have been to many escape rooms and this was our least favorite. Star wars room is pretty much just lock after lock after lock. No riddles or puzzles but ...Read more

Nov 26, 2022
Bryan Hastings

I was worried this would be too difficult for my 11 year olds birthday party with five was difficult, but the staff was super good at giving ...Read more

Sep 22, 2022
justin cooper (Cooper Casa)

Great experience. Much more technology than traditional escape room. Ideal with at least 4 people. Owner is a fun guide. I recommend walking in for a go ...Read more

Jul 24, 2022
Jonathan Davis

Owner was super kind and accommodating, and we had a wonderful time! It's a little more reliant on technology than some other escape rooms that we have ...Read more

Jul 24, 2022
Thea Davis

Lots of Fun, Enjoyable experience for the Birthday. Good Price too :)

Jul 23, 2022
Paul Davis

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